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NewsPosted by Tx Wed, October 13, 2010 11:29:39
Our MD being a former Royal Guard who himself saw active service, is keen to encourage your support for our troops abroad. We do our bit; NOW YOU DO YOURS! Do what you can, every little contribution/donation however small to the fund makes a massive difference to our guys.

Do it now.

Sales Across EU Growing

StorePosted by Tx Wed, October 13, 2010 11:18:43
We are delighted to announce that our European partners continue to use Door Automation Direct as their preferred supplier. This can only be good news for our British based company, buyers from Finland and Switzerland have been added to our export list which is growing month on month. We recently supplied into the USA - we have even supplied military bases in Europe - Brilliant!

Customer Suspicious!

StorePosted by Tx Wed, October 13, 2010 11:11:22
smileyWould you believe it? We just received a telephone inquiry from a customer who was concerned that we were too cheap!!!

Our village comes to a standstill to for 'Our Hero'

Our Local Area NewsPosted by Tx Mon, September 13, 2010 10:51:47

TEARS of sadness were lost among the rain as Earby came to a standstill for its fallen hero soldier today.

The heavens opened for the full military funeral of Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft at All Saints Church, Earby, on Friday, almost three weeks since he died in a gunfight on a security operation in Afghanistan.

The 1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment soldier was given an emotional send-off from a church packed full of 300 family and friends and hundreds more watching on a big screen outside.

Village Hero Funeral Date Set

Our Local Area NewsPosted by Tx Mon, September 06, 2010 11:58:47

AN EAST Lancashire described as a ‘Lion of England’, who was killed by insurgents in Afghanistan, is set to be buried next week with full military honours.

Thousands of mourners are expected to descend on All Saints Church, in Earby, on Friday, from 11am, as family, friends, and the community pay their last respects to Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft, of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

The 25-year-old former West Craven High School pupil’s parents Tony and Sheila, of Kenilworth Drive, said of the service: “It is what Jordan would have wanted.”

He was shot dead while providing cover for elders and international peace-keeping troops in Sayedebad, central Helmand, almost two weeks ago.

Following the funeral there will be a private burial, at Salterforth Cemetery, for the ardent Burnley FC fan, and a reception for family and friends at the Rolls Royce Club, in Barnoldswick, later.

Friends who are unable to attend the Friday ceremony are being given the chance to light a memorial candle to Jordan, which can be left at All Saints’ between 6pm and 9pm.

In a statement, Mr and Mrs Bancroft added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cards, gifts and kind words, which have been of comfort during this most difficult time.”

Jordan, who served with Anzio Company in the regiment’s 1st Battalion, leaves two brothers, Paul and Leighton, and a sister, Toni, and was setting up home with his girlfriend Lauren O’Hara.

Parish councillors have said they will be making arrangements to inscribe Jordan’s name on the newly-extended cenotaph for Earby in Sough Park.

Henderson Garage Door Operators

StorePosted by Tx Wed, August 04, 2010 09:24:14
We get lots of questions asking if Sommer Remote Controls are compatible with Henderson Operators.

The answer is Yes - If you own a Henderson Sprint, Marathon, Duo or Aperto.

Sommer were the suppliers to Henderson Garage doors for many years, that was before there parent Swedish company Cardo - made a quite frankly stupid commercial decision forcing the British based manufacturer to switch to a vastly inferior product in answer to the shareholders - Why oh Why do we often hear or have to experience accountants being appointed by the board of directors as Managing Directors?

If you work for a company with an accountant at the elm - GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! Unless of course you are an accountant working within an accountancy company, Please stay there - where you will best serve the business community!

By the way - Henderson went into liquidation recently - I wonder why?

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StorePosted by Tx Wed, August 04, 2010 08:48:06
Locked Remote in Garage

At 7.30pm last Friday we received a call from a distressed customer who's 5 year old son had accidentally closed the garage door via the internal wall button having left the only remote control inside the garage. The problem as it turned out was that despite having two separate garage doors and no other access into the garage i.e. no second access such as a side entrance door! The customer only had one remote control which had been programmed into both doors; result - locked out of the garage with no other means of access! There was no alternative but to break into the garage via a side window to retrieve the item and open the door.

To be honest, the shady contractor who installed the system, having realized there was no second access should have installed an emergency release kit for such an occasion or power cut, which renders this type of operator unusable.


We have now not only supplied the correct advice but also a second remote, wall station and emergency release kit, to help ensure that this kind of incident never occurs again!


Always keep a spare or you may regret it!

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Local Soldier Returns Home

Our Local Area NewsPosted by Tx Wed, July 07, 2010 10:42:54

Local soldier 2nd Lieutenant Theo Gill returned to his former school this week to tell students in the Lower Sixth Form about life in the Army and his experiences in Afghanistan, where he recently completed a seven-month tour of duty.

26-year old Theo is with the 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, the Green Howards, and spoke to boys and girls at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn, about the training and selection procedures he had gone through before passing out at Sandhurst and his present regimental commission.

In Afghanistan, he was part of the Operational Mentoring Liaison Team, meaning he was leading not only 10 British soldiers but also 120 Afghan soldiers on patrol, guarding against attacks by the Taliban.

"Gaining the trust and respect of troops whose culture is completely different from ours was a real challenge," he said, but one which he thoroughly enjoyed and for which his military training stood him in good stead.

After answering questions put to him by students, 2nd Lt Gill encouraged anyone, male or female, who was considering a military career to find out more about it from local careers information sources and the internet, and for those at university to look to take advantage of the Officer Training Corps that operate at most major universities.

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