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Our Local Area NewsPosted by Tx Sat, June 19, 2010 08:55:17

A BURNLEY student is throwing everything into a charity fund-raising mission – including the kitchen sink!

Richard Starkey (31), who is studying documentary film-making at the University of Wales, Newport, will be carrying a sink across Europe in an epic 2,000 mile race to the Atlas Mountains to raise £10,000 for Water for Africa.

"We'll be carrying the kitchen sink as a metaphor for the basic water infrastructure that is lacking in Africa," said Richard, who will make the journey with fellow film students Christian Britten and Adam Scott.

"As we're studying for a degree in documentary film and television, we'll also be making a film about our trip."

The lads will travel the 2,000 miles in two weeks, setting out from Cardiff Castle on Saturday, June 19th.

"I've been involved with fund-raising before, but wanted to do something more creative," said Richard. "We discussed the idea of a race and then chose Water for Africa, as they're a small charity and the money is spent on local people and communities. After we finish the race, we're going to travel to the Gambia and make a second film showing how the money we're raising is going to be put to use and all the lives it's going to change."