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StorePosted by Tx Wed, August 04, 2010 08:48:06
Locked Remote in Garage

At 7.30pm last Friday we received a call from a distressed customer who's 5 year old son had accidentally closed the garage door via the internal wall button having left the only remote control inside the garage. The problem as it turned out was that despite having two separate garage doors and no other access into the garage i.e. no second access such as a side entrance door! The customer only had one remote control which had been programmed into both doors; result - locked out of the garage with no other means of access! There was no alternative but to break into the garage via a side window to retrieve the item and open the door.

To be honest, the shady contractor who installed the system, having realized there was no second access should have installed an emergency release kit for such an occasion or power cut, which renders this type of operator unusable.


We have now not only supplied the correct advice but also a second remote, wall station and emergency release kit, to help ensure that this kind of incident never occurs again!


Always keep a spare or you may regret it!

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