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Henderson Garage Door Operators

StorePosted by Tx Wed, August 04, 2010 09:24:14
We get lots of questions asking if Sommer Remote Controls are compatible with Henderson Operators.

The answer is Yes - If you own a Henderson Sprint, Marathon, Duo or Aperto.

Sommer were the suppliers to Henderson Garage doors for many years, that was before there parent Swedish company Cardo - made a quite frankly stupid commercial decision forcing the British based manufacturer to switch to a vastly inferior product in answer to the shareholders - Why oh Why do we often hear or have to experience accountants being appointed by the board of directors as Managing Directors?

If you work for a company with an accountant at the elm - GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! Unless of course you are an accountant working within an accountancy company, Please stay there - where you will best serve the business community!

By the way - Henderson went into liquidation recently - I wonder why?

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